“Saving you Money on your Prescription Medications.” Interview with MrMedsaver, Jacob Milbradt, PharmD on July 23rd, 10AM pacific.

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If you’re struggling to afford your medication, MrMedSaver.com can help. On average, we’re able to show our clients how to save about 70% on their prescriptions. Here’s what R. Michael Dowden from Farmersville, OH, a recent MrMedSaver.com client, said about his Rx Savings Report:
“I can see already, the biggest benefit is putting information into the hands of the consumer. On some of these, I thought I already had the answers to what was the lowest cost and still effective medicine. Now I have alternatives that I can discuss with my doctor(s).”
Imagine if your mechanic selected which car you would purchase. Not having a firm grasp of fluctuating automobile prices, imagine if he chose your new vehicle without even taking cost into consideration. Instead, what if he based his decision solely on performance, looks, and amenities, and chose a brand new Mercedes? Would you stand for this? Of course not . . . that would be preposterous. Yet this scenario is the norm for the pharmaceutical industry.
Usually, the person who selects your medications (your doctor) has no idea what you’ll have to pay for them. The pharmaceutical industry changes at such a rapid pace that doctors simply can’t keep track of drug prices or developments like new generic availability. In fact, one of the key sources of drug information for doctors is drug company sales reps. These salesmen are highly trained at pushing doctors away from cost-effective generic medications, and toward the expensive brand-name drugs they are promoting. The design of the entire pharmaceutical industry is flawed, forcing you to pay much more than needed for your medications . . . and there’s no one to look out for you.
Now, with the help of Mr. MedSaver, that’s all about to change. Our company specializes in providing an independent assessment of your medication costs, ending with a report demonstrating numerous tactics you can employ to drastically reduce the amount you spend on prescription drugs. Think of us as the Kelley Blue Book for the pharmaceutical industry.
Mr. MedSaver was founded by Jacob Milbradt, PharmD, a pharmacist from Kansas who grew sick and tired of seeing his patients pay too much for their prescriptions. After daily encounters with people who couldn’t afford their prescriptions or who had to make difficult decisions, such as groceries vs. medication, Dr. Milbradt knew he had to do something that would make a real difference. After a large amount of research, he developed Prescription Cost Management—a revolutionary series of techniques that can be used to cut prescription drug costs to a mere fraction of what most people pay.
Now, these techniques have been taken to the next level—Personalized Prescription Cost Management. At Mr. MedSaver, we don’t have inflexible computer programs with “one-size-fits-all” recommendations. Instead we’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of your medications that is personally completed by a pharmacist and is 100% customized to exactly fit your unique needs.
We know how difficult it can be to afford your medications. We also realize how it often seems that there’s no one available to offer any real help. Well, not anymore. At Mr. MedSaver.com, we offer real results. Guaranteed. And remember, you can trust Mr. MedSaver for completely unbiased advice:
• We aren’t an internet pharmacy: The sole motivation of internet pharmacies is to make as much money as possible by profiting off your prescriptions. Because of this, saving you money isn’t a high priority for these companies.
• We don’t offer prescription “discount” cards: Prescription “discount” cards seldom actually offer much of a discount. In fact, most companies actually turn around and sell the data they collect whenever you fill your prescriptions!
• We will NEVER charge you to enroll in a FREE assistance program: Most websites that offer to enroll you in patient assistance programs won’t tell you that these programs are ENTIRELY FREE. Furthermore, these companies aren’t truly interested in saving you as much money as possible. Instead, they focus on continually milking your wallet every month with enrollment fees.
• We aren’t employed by your pharmacy: We don’t work for your pharmacy, and as a result our first allegiance is to you—NOT the company that sells you prescriptions.
• We are 100% independent: The big drug companies hate us, but you’re going to love us. That’s because we tell it exactly how it is. We have no financial ties to any pharmaceutical manufacturers. Also, we’ll never try to steer you toward pharmacies that have paid us to do this.

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