Finding the money to modify the senior’s home for safety.

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From Thanks Mark Hager for these great resources.

Here are some places to research for help paying for aging in place home modifications or services:

• Use the Eldercare locator from the US Government ( or 1-800-677-1116) to connect with your local Area Agency on Aging. They will have the most relevant information available.
• Local cities have CDBG (community development block grants) for home repair. And/or contact the local Mayor to find local funds.
• Rural Development is also a great resource for low-interest 1% loans/forgiveable loans and grants for home repair/home mod.
• Sometimes community foundations will also fund a variety of start-up programs and may know where to turn locally.
• Habitat/Rebuild Together are also up in our neck of the woods Indiana/Michigan.
• Larger churches in our area volunteering, especially the men’s groups for some handyman/home fix up.
• Reverse mortgages. Not for everyone, but can help many.
• If you’re a veteran, try the Veteran’s Administration

For more help, contact:

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One Comment on "Finding the money to modify the senior’s home for safety."

  1. Kathy Hatfield on Thu, 15th Oct 2009 10:09 pm 

    My name is Kathy and I am the full time caregiver for my eighty one year-old Dad who has Alzheimer’s and lives with me in North Carolina.

    When my Mom died in 2004 and Dad moved in with me, I had no idea what to do. But day by day, I found ways to cope, and even enjoy having my Dad with me.

    So I started writing a blog at, which shows the “lighter” side of caring for someone with dementia.

    After a while, I added over 100 pages of helpful information and tips for caregivers. We even have a Chat room so caregivers can communicate with each other from home. Art and music are a very large part of my Dad’s therapy.

    Please pass this link along to anyone you feel would enjoy it.

    Kathy Hatfield

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