Bringing Kindness to Nursing Homes from Hayes Rowan

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Here is another wonderful idea Hayes Rowan sent to me for how we can show love and comfort to those who might need a little support. Here is what he wrote:

Like to ask, if we may, all you good folks out there to make two bouquets of dried flowers this summer, & bring one to the nearby nursing home, giving it to the first resident whose eyes brighten at the sight of it – & chances are that won’t take too long.

The fleurs will last all winter – their staying power of course is much greater than fresh flowers. And most dry just beautifully: Lavender, Roses, Daffodils, Daisies, Garlic Chives, Statice, Strawflowers, Mums, the Purple Alium, Marigolds & more. But petunias & impatiens, tulips & their like – they don’t dry so well.

If you’re not a gardener, ten to one the neighbor who is will happily contribute.

How to? Cut the stems long & bind small bunches at the base with light wire or whathaveyou. Hang them upside down – perhaps with improvised S-hooks and an unused fishing rod perched horizontally (upside down to keep the stems from buckling under the blossoms’ weight). This will give flowers with longer, slender petals, like Daisies, a sort of exuberant look, recalling Joyce Kilmer & her trees that look at God all day, lifting their leafy arms to pray. (Might have to tighten that wire once or twice as the stems dry out.) Oh yes, salad dressing bottles & such, make for quite serviceable vases.

We’d like to hear if you do this, and something of your interaction in the long-term care facility.

– Joyce Kilmer

Never underestimate the powers of flowers.
– anon

Have a kind and respectful day.

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