Guest Hosting on Joni Aldrich’s Caregiving SOS show with special guest, Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds M. Div.

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Join me as I guest host Joni Aldrich’s show, “Caregiver SOS,” on Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 11AM PDT, 2PM EDT on

I am so excited to be interviewing Reverend Dale as we discuss “Is There an Extended Family Feud in Your Future? How You Can Plan to Avoid It?”

This subject applies to you if:

Are you a sole caregiver in a much larger family?
Do you have adult children or siblings scattered around the country?
Is this a second marriage or blended family?
Do you have a variety of religious beliefs or cultures in the family mix?
Find out who needs to know what, who gets to decide, and is it really possible to just get along!

As a caregiver, you have too much on your plate already. But how will you know if There is an Extended Family Feud in Your Future? Listen in and learn how you can plan to avoid It. In 28 years of ordained ministry, Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds, has seen the terrible pain caused after families failed to have the tough conversations and have a clear plan for dealing with the future. As a Hospice Chaplain, Dale has fine-tuned her skills in conflict resolution and family communication coaching to help you plan for the best.
The creator of, Dale is teaching people to overcome the potential landmines with aging parents or other ailing loved ones.

About my guest: Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds, is the creator of, an information and educational network for people with aging parents. Dale has been an Ordained Minister for 28 years and is a Family Communication Coach, Hospice Chaplain, speaker, and workshop leader. Certified as an Advance Care Planning Facilitator and Instructor, she works with families, congregations, and professional associations to confidently prepare for the realities of aging within extended families.
For years, as a local pastor, Rev. Dale got many frantic phone calls after a family’s crisis with aging parents. When describing the situation, they most often said: “Help, we don’t know what to do… we never talked about it.”

Finally, when faced with the same kinds of dilemmas within her own family, Dale realized it was time to step back and create the resources to help people become more at ease when dealing with these uncomfortable subjects.

With her extended family scattered across the United States, Dale lives in Chicago and enjoys reading, restaurants, and music. Dale is a charter member of Sing to Live, a community chorus created to support individuals and families affected by breast cancer.

Have a kind and respectful day.

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