Carol J. Scott MD, “Stress Relief Radio,” show on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 10AM PDT

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I will be interviewed on the Carol J. Scott MD’s “Stress Relief Radio,” show on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 10AM PDT.
Listen live or download later. Feel free to go to the show’s Facebook page to post questions during and after the show.

For more information about Dr. Carol and her book,

    Optimal Stress: Living in your Best Stress Zone

Juggling the issues and demands of self, home, family, health, and the workplace leads to what can be overwhelming stress. Stress is at epidemic proportions in contemporary society and it is not a coincidence that heart disease is additionally at a similar level —the number one killer of men & women in the US.

Certain stressors are inevitable; that said, stress doesn’t just happen. One can’t
let stress rob one of joy, health, productivity and happiness. There are tools to fight back and by achieving what we call ‘optimal stress’, ensure long-term health and success through overcoming a sometimes-insurmountable challenge.

Let Stress Relief Radio, hosted by Dr. Carol Scott, esteemed medical practitioner and author of the book, Optimal Stress: Living in your Best Stress Zone, Published by John Wiley & Sons (2010) be your essential guide to meeting your daily objectives efficiently without the burden of overarching negativity.

Each show is theme-based and grounded in medical evidence. This show has two specific objectives:

i. Education for individual accountability. This show makes the connections between stress and development of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis and other common disorders crystal clear.

ii. Providing simple solutions for handling the stress that creates anxiety, siphons away energy, depresses moods, and creates sleepless nights, frustration and guilt.

This show provides coaching, ‘patient education’, for how to handle stress.

Successfully dealing with stress in your life is not just about getting rid of anxiety. Dr. Scott wants to help listeners harness the positive power of the stress response to achieve top-level performance, creativity, personal happiness and other peak experiences.

When one understands the stress process in life one becomes a thermometer and not a thermostat. Listeners will fine-tune self awareness skills; the ability to pay attention to what one’s body and mind is saying and determining the need to adjust, heal, repair or rebuild.

Let Dr. Scott’s accreditation and passion for life management help you! Tune in soon!

Have a kind and respectful day.

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