Bioethics – Ethics Committee Education and Training

Ethics Committee Trainings: 

Roles and Responsibilities of Ethics Committee Members

Identify the responsibilities and role of ethics committee members.

Review the necessary skill sets needed for an effective ethics committee.

Discuss what the committee members would like to achieve.

Recognize the diverse needs within the community we are serving.


Landmark Bioethics Legal Cases – Part 1 and Part 2

Review the legal cases that created the standards that healthcare teams need to follow.

Discuss the California probate codes that apply in medical and end-of-life situations.

Review the changes in the law and how to communicate these changes to the team.

Identify situations where what is legal may not match the expectations of certain cultures.


Ethics Consultation Process and Skills – Part 1 and Part 2

Outline detailed steps for conducting an ethics consultation.

Discuss best practices and standards for ethics consultations.

Demonstrate mediation techniques to reduce conflicts and to increase compassion.

Practice case evaluations using new skills.


Bioethical Principles and Philosophical Approaches

Review different ethical principles and how to balance competing needs.

Understand 4 ethical philosophical points of view and how we can use them to navigate ethically challenging situations.

Explore our own ethical perspectives.

Practice case evaluations to determine what ethical principles and philosophies are present in the conflict.