Patients and Families

Beth Boynton, RN, MS
Author of “Confident Voices:  The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces”    1-207-752-0826    What are NURSE LEADERS saying about “Confident Voices”?

Facing Death:  A companion in words and images by Linda Watson.  A beautiful book to help the dying and their family communicate about the dying journey.

Frances Shani Parker:  Author of “Becoming Dead Right:  A Hospice Volunteer in Urban Nuring Homes”
Listen to her poems read on YouTube – search under Frances Shani Paker

Caring Bridge to create a free website to keep your loved ones posted about your recovery

State Specific Advance Directives

Hospice Foundation of America

Association of Death Education and Counseling

Lingerie for those who have had breast surgery

PALS for Health Interpretation Services

American Cancer Society

American Heart Association

Alzheimer Association

Project Angel Food – Food Delivery to homebound

The Women of Color Breast Cancer Survivor’s Support Project

The Wellness Community – They provide cancer support, education and hope.

Organ Donation