Viki will be interviewed on 3 Steps Forward with Deidre Hughey on Thursday, May 19th from 9-9:30 EST

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3 Steps Forward
Thursday, May 19th from 9-9:30EDT on WCOM 103.5 FM Carrboro, NC
DJ / Host: Deidre Hughey

3 Steps Forward is a program is designed for women who want more out of life and for their life but don’t have the time to sift through mounds of information available. The host, Deidre Hughey, knows about the restrictions on your time – as a personal empowerment speaker, she hears about it everyday!
This is her answer to you…

The concept is simple.

Invite female therapists, life coaches and speakers with a strong message for other women as it relates to their personal lives. Each guest will iterate 3 actionable steps for the listeners to take this week to move their personal life in a positive, forward direction.

The goal?

To inspire women, just like you, to push aside your limits, embrace your true self and realize your dreams! I have 2 guests for a total of 30 minutes or less for each, plus we play some “put a smile on your face” songs. So, sit back, relax and listen to some inspiration that is bound to make a difference in your life.

Take 3 Steps Forward…
This week and Every week!

Have a kind and respectful day.