Viki will be a guest on Winning Life Through Pain radio show with Coach Marla on 7/27/10 at 11am PST

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Viki will be a guest on Winning Life Through Pain radio show with Coach Marla on 7/27/10 at 11am PST.

Winning Life Through Pain® is a show that chats with varying types of amazing guests as if they are all sitting around the same kitchen table including chronic Pain/Illness Individuals, Authors, and they chat with the experts as well. Coach Marla believes we all have a journey we must travel through life and it is her mission to make your journey one full of “Laughter, Hope, Knowledge, Fulfillment, and Joy” so you might get through the tough times a little easier!

Coach Marla offers RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) coaching as well as hosting the Winning Life Through Pain radio show.

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Listen to blogtalkradio’s Healing through Hurt radio show with Maria Wall

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Viki will be a special guest on blogtalkradio’s Healing through Hurt radio show with Maria Wall on July 24, 2010 at 8pm PST.

Healing through Hurt Talk Radio with Maria Wall is a subsidiary of The Wall Foundation Inc. a Non Profit community based 501 (c)(3) organization! Serving at risk, vulnerable youth and their families including seniors! Offering a host of programs for families. This year their focus is on women and the challenges they face in their daily lives from abuse and esteem issues to the many health issues they face. Their mission is to empower and uplift real women & men with real stories. Reaching out through Radio to a broader audience of females & males of all ages and ethnic origin. They promise to continue to bring you the absolute best in show guests and topics.

In 2003 Maria Wall, President of the CM Wall Company Inc, saw a need to give our young people a voice and purpose outside of the vicious cycles they were accustomed to in addition to the lack of adult guidance for a host of reasons. Mrs. Wall developed a youth media / professional program that won international awards.

Although Mrs. Wall operated her program under the umbrella of other established non profit programs, she felt a need to do more. Therefore in 2008 she formed The Wall Foundation Inc. An organization that realized these are tough and hard times for our youth and their families. Mrs.
Wall is the little girl with big dreams who grew up to make them reality!

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Viki will be featured on Author’s Read radio program 7/26/10 at 9am PST

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Viki will be featured on blogtalkradio’s Author’s Read program on 7/26/10 at 9am PST.

The Authors Read radio program is a 15 minute program that offers authors, storytellers and poets a chance to read from their published work. There is nothing like hearing a story told the way the writer intended it to be read… straight from the writer’s lips is even better!

Dave and Lillian Brummet, the hosts of Author’s Read have been writing professionally since 1999 starting out as free lance writers – which they continue to do today. To date, they have written 3 nonfiction published books; Trash Talk, Purple Snowflake Marketing, and Towards understanding.

The main focus of their work is to inspire hope in individuals, helping them realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive, proactive in life.

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Viki will be featured on AskMomRN’s radio show on 7/26/10 at 10am

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Viki will be featured on blogtalkradio’s AskMomRN’s radio show on 7/26/10 at 10am.

Tamara Walker, RN, the host of MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. MomRN is walking right alongside you on this path, with two teenage kids of her own. Her eighteen years of motherhood, plus three years as a pediatric nurse, a dozen years as a professional child care provider, and growing up as the oldest sibling of six children has given MomRN a unique variety of parenting experiences and expertise. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be.

In March 2007, Tamara appeared via video on the Rachael Ray Show providing a helpful parenting tip for a segment on children’s health. She also wrote and starred in “Safety Smarts”, quick safety tips for use between shows for the Smile of a Child television network. Currently, she is a featured writer for and writes articles as the Oklahoma Child Safety Examiner.

The Ask MomRN Show covers a wide variety of parenting, family, safety, and health topics and features several well-known expert guests. Parents are welcome to call in with questions and speak with MomRN and her guests during the show.

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A Caregivers Journey interviews Viki Kind on 6/28/10 at 11am PST

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A Caregivers Journey is a free radio show run by Susan Baida and John Mills, co-Founders of eCare This show will focus on issues of care providers, long-term care, advanced aging — and it will feature expert speakers on aging, long-term care, dementia and other illnesses and issues typically associated with aging in America. is a one-stop source for all things aging. They support both the aging community AND care providers. They are sought after speakers on advanced aging and care providing, and their website is a huge source of tools and information.

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Denise Brown interviews Viki on 6/21/10 at 9:30am PST

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Denise Brown interviews Viki Kind on June 21st, at 9:30AM Pacific on BlogTalkRadio about her new book, The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making. Listen live or download later at

Your Caregiving Journey, with Denise Brown, delves into discussions about your caregiving situations. Each week, she tackles a topic related to the challenges of eldercare.

Denise has authored “Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers”
Denise M. Brown takes 100 words–including the unlikely blizzard, kitchen and umbrella–and then turns each into a reflection. The reflections focus on a family caregiver’s reality, sprinkled with hope. Denise’s insights about the caregiving experience feel like a warm hug, a helpful smile and an encouraging nudge.

“The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey”
The Caregiving Years helps family caregivers of aging relatives answer these questions: Why me? Why now? What now? Follow the journey of two family caregivers as they make their way through the six stages of caregiving. The handbook includes pages for your thoughts and insights, as well as two tip sheets for quick references to the stages, your purposes and your challenges.

Denise also offers coaching. Denise coaches family caregivers in individual and group settings. She also coaches professionals and businesses working with family caregivers.Coaching takes place over the phone with sessions scheduled at your convenience (including evenings and weekends).

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“Saving you Money on your Prescription Medications.” Interview with MrMedsaver, Jacob Milbradt, PharmD on July 23rd, 10AM pacific.

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Call in to listen live at (347) 945-5152 or listen online at

If you’re struggling to afford your medication, can help. On average, we’re able to show our clients how to save about 70% on their prescriptions. Here’s what R. Michael Dowden from Farmersville, OH, a recent client, said about his Rx Savings Report:
“I can see already, the biggest benefit is putting information into the hands of the consumer. On some of these, I thought I already had the answers to what was the lowest cost and still effective medicine. Now I have alternatives that I can discuss with my doctor(s).”
Imagine if your mechanic selected which car you would purchase. Not having a firm grasp of fluctuating automobile prices, imagine if he chose your new vehicle without even taking cost into consideration. Instead, what if he based his decision solely on performance, looks, and amenities, and chose a brand new Mercedes? Would you stand for this? Of course not . . . that would be preposterous. Yet this scenario is the norm for the pharmaceutical industry.
Usually, the person who selects your medications (your doctor) has no idea what you’ll have to pay for them. The pharmaceutical industry changes at such a rapid pace that doctors simply can’t keep track of drug prices or developments like new generic availability. In fact, one of the key sources of drug information for doctors is drug company sales reps. These salesmen are highly trained at pushing doctors away from cost-effective generic medications, and toward the expensive brand-name drugs they are promoting. The design of the entire pharmaceutical industry is flawed, forcing you to pay much more than needed for your medications . . . and there’s no one to look out for you.
Now, with the help of Mr. MedSaver, that’s all about to change. Our company specializes in providing an independent assessment of your medication costs, ending with a report demonstrating numerous tactics you can employ to drastically reduce the amount you spend on prescription drugs. Think of us as the Kelley Blue Book for the pharmaceutical industry.
Mr. MedSaver was founded by Jacob Milbradt, PharmD, a pharmacist from Kansas who grew sick and tired of seeing his patients pay too much for their prescriptions. After daily encounters with people who couldn’t afford their prescriptions or who had to make difficult decisions, such as groceries vs. medication, Dr. Milbradt knew he had to do something that would make a real difference. After a large amount of research, he developed Prescription Cost Management—a revolutionary series of techniques that can be used to cut prescription drug costs to a mere fraction of what most people pay.
Now, these techniques have been taken to the next level—Personalized Prescription Cost Management. At Mr. MedSaver, we don’t have inflexible computer programs with “one-size-fits-all” recommendations. Instead we’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of your medications that is personally completed by a pharmacist and is 100% customized to exactly fit your unique needs.
We know how difficult it can be to afford your medications. We also realize how it often seems that there’s no one available to offer any real help. Well, not anymore. At Mr., we offer real results. Guaranteed. And remember, you can trust Mr. MedSaver for completely unbiased advice:
• We aren’t an internet pharmacy: The sole motivation of internet pharmacies is to make as much money as possible by profiting off your prescriptions. Because of this, saving you money isn’t a high priority for these companies.
• We don’t offer prescription “discount” cards: Prescription “discount” cards seldom actually offer much of a discount. In fact, most companies actually turn around and sell the data they collect whenever you fill your prescriptions!
• We will NEVER charge you to enroll in a FREE assistance program: Most websites that offer to enroll you in patient assistance programs won’t tell you that these programs are ENTIRELY FREE. Furthermore, these companies aren’t truly interested in saving you as much money as possible. Instead, they focus on continually milking your wallet every month with enrollment fees.
• We aren’t employed by your pharmacy: We don’t work for your pharmacy, and as a result our first allegiance is to you—NOT the company that sells you prescriptions.
• We are 100% independent: The big drug companies hate us, but you’re going to love us. That’s because we tell it exactly how it is. We have no financial ties to any pharmaceutical manufacturers. Also, we’ll never try to steer you toward pharmacies that have paid us to do this.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Alzheimer’s resources, thank you Suzanne Holman, listen to the interview

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Blog and website
Sign up for the free monthly Gathering Call
Alzheimer’s Association
Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center of the National Institute of Health
HBO The Alzheimer’s Project
ABC Nightline report on Alzheimer’s disease, featuring Meryl Comer, President of the Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® Alzheimer’s Initiative.
37% risk….two of the markers for Alz
Weekly National Telephone Support

The Alzheimer’s Association
The Alzheimer’s Association site offers a wealth of helpful information for patients, family members, and care givers. Well- organized and easy to use (including a full index and search engine), it includes information about the organization and its many chapters; resources for care givers; medical and public policy information; a suggested reading list, a schedule of conferences; and links to other Internet resources, including sites maintained by local chapters of the Association.
Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center

The ADEAR Center, a service of the National Institutes on Aging, provides a wealth of information about Alzheimer’s disease for Alzheimer’s patients, families and caregivers. The site offers research updates, referrals to other Alzheimer’s centers, a list of publications, a clinical trial database, and a calendar of events.

Ask NOAH About Alzheimer’s Disease
Ask NOAH About Alzheimer’s Disease is a section of NOAH: New York Online Access to Health, an extensive site provided by a group of organizations including the New York Academy of Medicine, the New York City Department of Health, and the New York Hospital- Cornell Medical Center. Written in clear lay language, it includes information about the causes and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease; the latest treatments; suggestions for care givers; and resources and links for further information.

Alzheimer’s Research Foundation
The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research focuses on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease while providing research studies, information about caring for people with Alzheimer’s and understanding more about the disease.

Alzheimer’s Resource Room
Disease information and tips for caregivers are provided at this US Department of Health and Human Service site. Brain in the News