Mary Ellen Mannix – Protecting Newborns from the Most Common Birth Defects on Dec. 1st

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Join me as I interview Mary Ellen Mannix, author, teacher, restorative practices educator & facilitator, and nationally recognized patient safety advocate. December 1st at 11AM PST/2PM EST–the-james-project–protecting-newborns

Communication between adults involved in any child’s life must be of high quality to benefit the child. Think parent-teacher relationships, divorced parents, intact family communication etc. When a child is in the middle of a healthcare crisis that communication can be lifesaving…or life threatening.

Today Mary Ellen is working with her state senator to ensure that all Pennsylvania newborns receive appropriate screening for the most common birth defect – SB 1202 The James Mannix Bill.

James’s Project is a community based organization focused on improving communication in healthcare with the goal of saving children’s lives and clinician’s livelihoods. Communication strategies has an impact on our infant mortality rate. We want to improve it.

James’s Project works on three levels to save other children and families from the losses James and his clinicians and families endured.
–Proactive – on sight, online, and phone education and awareness programs to help parents and caregivers prepare and learn the best practices to safely navigate their child through the healthcare system. There is information that parents can get that will help them most successfully advocate for their child – as well as themselves, so treatment decisions are truly family centered.
–Active – healthcare coaching & bedside advocacy (which can be bedside or simply by phone) to assist & empower parents who have a hospitalized or child in crisis and feel communication with care providers is not as good as it should be.
–Reactive – medication and conciliatory services if and when there is an outcome that the patient and family have questions about.

Any parent, caregiver, friend or clinician can reach out to JP by email or phone to discuss their needs and create a plan to help their specific need.

JP is fortunate to have professionals in the fields of medicine, law, social work, mediation and patient safety who share their knowledge, expertise and connections to help find answers.
JP is just beginning but growing rapidly. For those in the Greater Philadelphia are there are several Parent Education presentations I will be giving this Fall.

For others anywhere else in the United States (and even the world) we are about to announce several webinar presentations thanks to a grant from the Cautious Patient Foundation.

Every pregnant mom and dad knows what LaMaze is – a wonderful form of childbirth that changed the landscape of labor and delivery in the late 20th century. James’s Project is taking it a step further and providing the education parents need to be fully engaged partners in their child’s healthcare for the 21st century.

Her book, Split the Baby is available at

Mary Ellen Mannix is available for: Keynotes, Webinars, Highly engaging workshops and education for professionals and parents, Mediation via Restorative Practice methodologies, Family Group Conferencing, Family Group Decision Making, Healing & Growth Conferences in Healthcare, Speakers Bureau, Support

Mary Ellen Mannix is a mother of 5 children (ranging in age from 7 years to 21 years old), author, teacher, restorative practices educator & facilitator, and nationally recognized patient safety advocate. After the tragic death of her fourth child she began learning why things go wrong in healthcare and how we can all make it safer. She has served as a substitute on a Patient Safety Advisory Committee for The Joint Commission, advisory board member for The Newborn Coalition, served on hospital patient safety committees, led clinical education such as for Clinical Pharmacology with HRSA, graduate nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania, and served as the consumer panelist and co-author of The American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery’s Tonsillectomy in Children Guideline. Mary Ellen has also presented at The Quality Colloquium at Harvard, The International Restorative Practices Conference and The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Advisory Board Meeting. Mary Ellen was also selected as one of 50 Patient Activists for The Institute for Healthcare Improvement. She also received a grant from The Cautious Patient Foundation to engage more parents & patients to become educated and empowered advocates for their children in healthcare.

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