I will be interviewing author, Karen Reinhart, on May 9th, 9AM PST

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I will be interviewing author Karen Reinhart about her book on becoming an instant caregiver on May 9th, 9AM PST on blogtalkradio.com
I love Karen’s new book which is a must read if you just became a caregiver or realize you will be a caregiver soon. Or if you find yourself in the hospital over and over again, caring for your aging parents.

For more information about Karen: http://fabulously40.com/post/id/knitting-with-hospital-gloves-the-how-to-guide-for-becoming-instant-caregivers-10620

Her book, Knitting with Hospital Gloves: The How-To Guide for Becoming Instant Caregivers is available as an ebook and paperback.

1. You WILL get that call that instantly converts you into a Caregiver. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. As Matthew Harrison, M.D. said, “If you have parents, are a parent, or plant to be one someday, get this book. Karen is funny and has a quirky perspective that makes her stories very readable and personal. This book will help folks on both sides of the caregiver/parent relationship and is one I’ll recommend to my patients and their families.”

2. There is much you can do now to prepare yourself to take on the role–as much as one can be prepare as emotions take over when the reality hits–but having this guide book and resources ahead of time will help during the transition into caregiver and during the initial crisis. For example–preparing for what life is like at a hospital and the handy packing lists. “It only I had this book before my mom had a stroke. My family and I would’ve avoided so much stress, discomfort and fear.” `Melanie Chitwood, Author, Instant Caregiver

From Karen: It really is a privilege and a calling for me to help others through this sudden, scary, stressful, exhausting and tumultuous process–this is a culmination of what I’ve learn over the past 7 years of being an Instant Caregiver, assisting others first hand in their Instant Caregiver roles (intervening / mediating at the hospital, online communication and support, etc) and also talking to others who’ve been there done that.

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