Groundbreaking Dementia Wristband for Use in Hospitals

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Wednesday – September 4th at 11AM PDT/2PM EDT on
Listen live or download later.

Join me as I interview Gary Joseph LeBlanc and Margaret Doerr about the groundbreaking dementia hospital wristbands which are designed to help healthcare professionals to know that the patient has a cognitive impairment and that special care and patience needs to be given. This new program is launching in Florida. Find out how you can bring this program to your hospital and community.

Gary Joseph LeBlanc, is the author of “Staying Afloat in a Sea of Forgetfulness,” “Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors” and co- author of “While I Still Can”. Also, a weekly columnist of “Common Sense Caregiving” published in the Tampa Tribune and Hernando Today and many other health publications.
He also founded the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Hospital Wristband Project
His writings and speaking events utilize his 3,000 plus days and nights of personal caregiving experience to help other Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers cope with the everyday challenges and emotional struggles of caring for the memory-impaired.

Margaret Doerr is the Chief Nursing Executive for Brooksville Regional Hospital (Health Management Associates) and brings 21 years of nursing experience to the Hernando community. Brooksville Regional is located in Brooksville, Florida (less than an hour north of Tampa).

Margaret received her Master’s Degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona. She is a patient advocate and sits on the Patient Advisory Council, which consists of residents in her community.

As a hospital administrator Margaret’s vision is to assist with the implementation of processes that provide quality care and a safe environment for the patients in her community.

The dementia initiative is important because “As health care workers we must provide safe quality care. Through the identification process and staff education our health care team will be able to provide optimal care for our patients with dementia.”

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Insurance Expert, Maura Carley on Dec. 7, 9AM PST/12PM EST on

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Join me as I interview Insurance Expert, Maura Carley on Dec. 7, 9AM PST/12PM EST on

About Maura Carley:

Maura Carley MPH, CIC, President and CEO, has extensive background in healthcare. She founded Healthcare Navigation, LLC, a patient advocacy firm, in 1999 after years of senior management experience in hospital, HMO, and physician practice management organizations. Her diverse background combined with her passionate conviction that everyone should have professional guidance in dealing with an increasingly complex, expensive and adversarial healthcare world, make her a particularly effective advocate.

Before founding Healthcare Navigation, Ms. Carley served as the Vice President of Operations for the Northeast Region of a physician practice management company which provided services to over 200 physicians in 45 offices throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Prior to that position, Ms. Carley served as Regional Director for Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s oldest and largest health maintenance organization. She began her career in hospital administration as an Assistant Administrator at Yale-New Haven Hospital and later, Vice President, Administration, at Stamford Hospital.

Ms. Carley received her Master’s in Public Health from Yale University. She became a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives in 1989 and completed the Kaiser Permanente Executive Program through the Stanford University Business School in 1992. She is a certified health insurance consultant.

Ms. Carley has served on numerous non-profit boards of directors. She is a member of the New York, Connecticut, and Illinois Women’s Forums and a past member of the International Women’s Forum Board. She is the former Vice Chairman of the Darien Social Services Commission. Early in her career, she was recognized by the American Hospital Association as one of the nation’s fifty outstanding young health professionals and featured in Hospitals Magazine. She was later featured in Modern Healthcare as one of the nation’s Up and Coming Healthcare Professionals.

Ms. Carley has spoken on healthcare topics at programs across the United States and Canada and her extensive public speaking includes television and radio appearances and national webinar broadcasts. She has been interviewed in articles for major national periodicals including Consumer Reports Money Advisor, Smart Money Magazine, Business Week, Congressional Quarterly, Private Wealth Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Investment News, and the Wall Street Journal.

About her book:

“Maura Carley has written an important book for anyone who has to navigate our nation’s fractured, fragmented, inadequate health insurance system. Case studies, drawn from years of experience helping individuals and families, provide insight into how these defects can affect us. No one will emerge from reading this book without a deepened understanding of how today’s insurance model leaves us vulnerable to tragic medical and economic consequences.”

David M. Lawrence
Chairman and CEO (retired)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area, California

“Today we are faced with new, convoluted health care laws and ever-changing health insurance plans, eligibility and enrollment rules. Making the best choice among confusing options is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. The good news is that help is here—Maura Carley’s book, Health Insurance: Navigating Traps and Gaps, is a must read as a reference and to inspire you to take action to protect your family’s savings, medical coverage and peace of mind.”

Peggy Fleming Jenkins (and husband Greg Jenkins, M.D.)
Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Join me as I interview Martha Stettinius, author of Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir

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I will be interviewing Martha Stettinius, the author of Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir on October 15, 10AM PDT/1PM PDT.

“Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir,” a debut memoir by family caregiver Martha Stettinius, tells the compelling personal story of her long journey as a caregiver to her mother with dementia, while exploring the causes and potential treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Like many adult children of aging parents, Stettinius found herself suddenly filling the role of caregiver when her 72-year-old mother couldn’t balance her checkbook. The remote lakeside home where her mother had lived alone for twenty-five years overflowed with garbage and recyclables. Despite their difficult relationship, Stettinius, age 40 at the time, moved her mother to her family’s small home in Upstate New York. It was not long after that that Stettinius learned her first lesson as a reluctant member of the “sandwich generation”—she couldn’t be a superwoman.

“Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir” is the unflinching and hopeful story of Stettinius’s journey into caregiving, and offers an unprecedented look into the challenges of Alzheimer’s care. With the passion of a committed daughter and the fervor of a tireless reporter, Stettinius shares the lessons she’s learned over seven years of caregiving, at home and in a range of dementia care facilities—lessons not just about how she learned to negotiate the world of elder care, but about how caregiving can strengthen relationships.

“Few memoirs about dementia caregiving offer hope that the caregiving journey can be anything other than a crushing self-sacrifice,” Stettinius said. “Alzheimer’s disease is often described as a tragic wasting away and a long, painful good-bye. What I have experienced and felt with my mother is different, and I wanted to share our story.”

“Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir” is also a call to action for better dementia care, increased funding for dementia research, and more support for family caregivers. Alzheimer’s disease is the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States for those aged 65 and older, but the only one in the top 10 without an effective means of prevention, treatment, or a cure. Over 15 million family caregivers in the United States provide 17.4 billion hours of unpaid care each year to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Stettinius is an editor with a master’s in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. This is her first book.

“Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir,” published by Dundee-Lakemont Press, is available in hardcover and paperback at most major online book retailers, and as an e-book for the Kindle and Nook.

For more information, please visit

To purchase Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir:

Guest Hosting on Joni Aldrich’s Caregiving SOS show with special guest, Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds M. Div.

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Join me as I guest host Joni Aldrich’s show, “Caregiver SOS,” on Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 11AM PDT, 2PM EDT on

I am so excited to be interviewing Reverend Dale as we discuss “Is There an Extended Family Feud in Your Future? How You Can Plan to Avoid It?”

This subject applies to you if:

Are you a sole caregiver in a much larger family?
Do you have adult children or siblings scattered around the country?
Is this a second marriage or blended family?
Do you have a variety of religious beliefs or cultures in the family mix?
Find out who needs to know what, who gets to decide, and is it really possible to just get along!

As a caregiver, you have too much on your plate already. But how will you know if There is an Extended Family Feud in Your Future? Listen in and learn how you can plan to avoid It. In 28 years of ordained ministry, Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds, has seen the terrible pain caused after families failed to have the tough conversations and have a clear plan for dealing with the future. As a Hospice Chaplain, Dale has fine-tuned her skills in conflict resolution and family communication coaching to help you plan for the best.
The creator of, Dale is teaching people to overcome the potential landmines with aging parents or other ailing loved ones.

About my guest: Rev. Dale Susan Edmonds, is the creator of, an information and educational network for people with aging parents. Dale has been an Ordained Minister for 28 years and is a Family Communication Coach, Hospice Chaplain, speaker, and workshop leader. Certified as an Advance Care Planning Facilitator and Instructor, she works with families, congregations, and professional associations to confidently prepare for the realities of aging within extended families.
For years, as a local pastor, Rev. Dale got many frantic phone calls after a family’s crisis with aging parents. When describing the situation, they most often said: “Help, we don’t know what to do… we never talked about it.”

Finally, when faced with the same kinds of dilemmas within her own family, Dale realized it was time to step back and create the resources to help people become more at ease when dealing with these uncomfortable subjects.

With her extended family scattered across the United States, Dale lives in Chicago and enjoys reading, restaurants, and music. Dale is a charter member of Sing to Live, a community chorus created to support individuals and families affected by breast cancer.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Viki interviews CPA and author, Mike Campbell – When Mom and Dad Need Help, A Step-by-Step Guide to Senior Housing and Care

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Senior care expert and author Mike Campbell has been an advisor to the senior housing and care industry for over 20 years. Now he wants to share with you what he’s learned from his 2+ decades in the industry. He’s written an award-winning book called

    When Mom and Dad Need Help

which educates the reader about all the long-term care options available in the market and arms them with a step-by-step plan to find the quality option that is the best fit for their loved ones.

July 25th at 2PM PDT, 5PM EDT–making-senior-housing-decisions-wisely

Are you worried about what you’ll do when Mom or Dad can no longer care for themselves?

“As adult children, it is so important that we educate ourselves about the process BEFORE THE CRISIS OCCURS! It’s not such a scary subject if we know what to expect!”
– Mike Campbell, Author/Senior Care Expert

When Mom and Dad Need Help is a GREAT RESOURCE that educates the reader about all the different long-term care options available in the market and provides them with an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan to find the quality care option that is the best fit for their loved ones.

“Anyone and everyone close to an older family member should read this book.” -Diane Gardner, ForeWord Reviews

    When Mom and Dad Need Help

is the:

Winner of the 2011 Independent Publishers Book of the Year Award in the Aging category
Winner of the 2010 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award in the Family and Relationships category

“This is a much needed book that is well written for the consumer. The telephone surveys, as well as the tour and interview checklists are excellent guidelines and tools.”
– Sister Roseann E. Kasayka Ph.D., MT-BC, DA

Is your parents’ well-being worth less than a $10 investment? If so, download the book right now! Outlined below are the direct links where you can buy this award-winning book in either the eBook or Print format.

eBook Kindle version at Amazon:

eBook Nook version at Barnes & Noble:

eBook version at Kobo (readable on all desktops, all tablets (including IPad), and all smartphones (including IPhone):

Print version at Amazon:

Print version at Barnes & Noble:

You can also order a print version of the book toll-free at 1-800-345-6665.

DOWNLOAD FREE CHECKLISTS to conduct telephone surveys, tours and interviews of all the various senior housing and care options.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Join Viki as she discusses – Making Your Wishes Known – Advance Directives on July 12th

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Thursday, July 12 at 12PM PDT, 3PM EDT.–making-your-wishes-known–advance-directives

It is important that you have a voice in your life and health decisions even if you have a cognitive impairment. Who will speak for you if you are sick or injured? What should this person tell the doctor? What else do people need to know to make sure you get the care you need and deserve? Listen in and get your questions answered.

Have a kind and respectful day.

I will be interviewing author, Karen Reinhart, on May 9th, 9AM PST

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I will be interviewing author Karen Reinhart about her book on becoming an instant caregiver on May 9th, 9AM PST on
I love Karen’s new book which is a must read if you just became a caregiver or realize you will be a caregiver soon. Or if you find yourself in the hospital over and over again, caring for your aging parents.

For more information about Karen:

Her book, Knitting with Hospital Gloves: The How-To Guide for Becoming Instant Caregivers is available as an ebook and paperback.

1. You WILL get that call that instantly converts you into a Caregiver. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. As Matthew Harrison, M.D. said, “If you have parents, are a parent, or plant to be one someday, get this book. Karen is funny and has a quirky perspective that makes her stories very readable and personal. This book will help folks on both sides of the caregiver/parent relationship and is one I’ll recommend to my patients and their families.”

2. There is much you can do now to prepare yourself to take on the role–as much as one can be prepare as emotions take over when the reality hits–but having this guide book and resources ahead of time will help during the transition into caregiver and during the initial crisis. For example–preparing for what life is like at a hospital and the handy packing lists. “It only I had this book before my mom had a stroke. My family and I would’ve avoided so much stress, discomfort and fear.” `Melanie Chitwood, Author, Instant Caregiver

From Karen: It really is a privilege and a calling for me to help others through this sudden, scary, stressful, exhausting and tumultuous process–this is a culmination of what I’ve learn over the past 7 years of being an Instant Caregiver, assisting others first hand in their Instant Caregiver roles (intervening / mediating at the hospital, online communication and support, etc) and also talking to others who’ve been there done that.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Join me as I interview the Michael Palumbos, ChFC – Family Wealth Advisor, author of “Your Family Legacy – 32 Ways to Preserve Your Family’s ‘Wealth’ for Generations,” on March 5th at 9AM PST, 12PM EST

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Join me as I interview the Michael Palumbos, ChFC – Family Wealth Advisor, author of “Your Family Legacy – 32 Ways to Preserve Your Family’s ‘Wealth’ for Generations,” on March 6th at 9AM PST, 12PM EST on

Your Family’s Legacy is about more than money. It is about the values and meaning you leave for future generations. You don’t need to have a lot of money to harness the power of financial planning. We all have to plan for our futures and the future of our loved ones.

This is a must read from an expert who understands the power of combining financial planning with creating a purposeful life.

“Michael identifies the tremendous need for values planning in conjunction with financial planning. The most important thing we can provide our children, our grandchidren and our great grandchildren is the ability to carry forward what we value as a family. The financial resources we accumulate and distribute for their use are simply a tool to further the family mission. The most solid of families share common values over financial resources. Planning the
finances for a family is simply not enough in today’s world.”
— John Enright, Owner Custom Wealth Architects

The book is available on Amazon:

Michael Palumbos
200 Meridian Centre
Suite 150
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 350-7273

Have a kind and respectful day.

Interview with Beth Boynton, RN, MS, “Improving Safety in Hospitals through Better Communication” on Feb. 23, 9AM PST

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Join me as I interview, Beth Boynton, RN, MS who is a nurse consultant, national speaker, trainer and author of the book, “Confident Voices: The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces” on Feb. 23rd, 9AM PST on

In addition to teaching and writing about the importance of collaboration, building the skills and addressing the challenges, Beth engages nurses and other health care professionals in honest and respectful discussions about individual and organizational factors that contribute to problems in communication, patient safety and workplaces violence. Her interactive workshops and leadership coaching provide a platform from which safer, more cost-effective and quality care can emerge while supporting work environments where nurses, patients, families, doctors and all health care professionals and staff are respected.

She is a regular columnist for the ANA-Maine journal and her newsletter, “Confident Voices” has drawn audiences across the country and internationally. She is in the process of closing the newsletter and starting a blog, called: “Collaborative Nursing” where she hopes to attract consumers and healthcare professionals in empowering dialogues that will lead to positive change. She continues to practice as a Registered Nurse in an Alzheimer’s Care Unit.

To buy Beth’s book:

What are Nurse Leaders saying about “Confident Voices”?

Many of Beth’s articles are available for free download at You’ll also find more info about her workshops, coaching, testimonials, and clients.

You can also watch her on YouTube:

“Why is Communication so Hard for Healthcare Professionals?” (6 minutes)

“Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety” (12 minutes)

Have a kind and respectful day.

Mary Ellen Mannix – Protecting Newborns from the Most Common Birth Defects on Dec. 1st

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Join me as I interview Mary Ellen Mannix, author, teacher, restorative practices educator & facilitator, and nationally recognized patient safety advocate. December 1st at 11AM PST/2PM EST–the-james-project–protecting-newborns

Communication between adults involved in any child’s life must be of high quality to benefit the child. Think parent-teacher relationships, divorced parents, intact family communication etc. When a child is in the middle of a healthcare crisis that communication can be lifesaving…or life threatening.

Today Mary Ellen is working with her state senator to ensure that all Pennsylvania newborns receive appropriate screening for the most common birth defect – SB 1202 The James Mannix Bill.

James’s Project is a community based organization focused on improving communication in healthcare with the goal of saving children’s lives and clinician’s livelihoods. Communication strategies has an impact on our infant mortality rate. We want to improve it.

James’s Project works on three levels to save other children and families from the losses James and his clinicians and families endured.
–Proactive – on sight, online, and phone education and awareness programs to help parents and caregivers prepare and learn the best practices to safely navigate their child through the healthcare system. There is information that parents can get that will help them most successfully advocate for their child – as well as themselves, so treatment decisions are truly family centered.
–Active – healthcare coaching & bedside advocacy (which can be bedside or simply by phone) to assist & empower parents who have a hospitalized or child in crisis and feel communication with care providers is not as good as it should be.
–Reactive – medication and conciliatory services if and when there is an outcome that the patient and family have questions about.

Any parent, caregiver, friend or clinician can reach out to JP by email or phone to discuss their needs and create a plan to help their specific need.

JP is fortunate to have professionals in the fields of medicine, law, social work, mediation and patient safety who share their knowledge, expertise and connections to help find answers.
JP is just beginning but growing rapidly. For those in the Greater Philadelphia are there are several Parent Education presentations I will be giving this Fall.

For others anywhere else in the United States (and even the world) we are about to announce several webinar presentations thanks to a grant from the Cautious Patient Foundation.

Every pregnant mom and dad knows what LaMaze is – a wonderful form of childbirth that changed the landscape of labor and delivery in the late 20th century. James’s Project is taking it a step further and providing the education parents need to be fully engaged partners in their child’s healthcare for the 21st century.

Her book, Split the Baby is available at

Mary Ellen Mannix is available for: Keynotes, Webinars, Highly engaging workshops and education for professionals and parents, Mediation via Restorative Practice methodologies, Family Group Conferencing, Family Group Decision Making, Healing & Growth Conferences in Healthcare, Speakers Bureau, Support

Mary Ellen Mannix is a mother of 5 children (ranging in age from 7 years to 21 years old), author, teacher, restorative practices educator & facilitator, and nationally recognized patient safety advocate. After the tragic death of her fourth child she began learning why things go wrong in healthcare and how we can all make it safer. She has served as a substitute on a Patient Safety Advisory Committee for The Joint Commission, advisory board member for The Newborn Coalition, served on hospital patient safety committees, led clinical education such as for Clinical Pharmacology with HRSA, graduate nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania, and served as the consumer panelist and co-author of The American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery’s Tonsillectomy in Children Guideline. Mary Ellen has also presented at The Quality Colloquium at Harvard, The International Restorative Practices Conference and The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Advisory Board Meeting. Mary Ellen was also selected as one of 50 Patient Activists for The Institute for Healthcare Improvement. She also received a grant from The Cautious Patient Foundation to engage more parents & patients to become educated and empowered advocates for their children in healthcare.

Have a kind and respectful day.

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