Ryan Whitmore and Michael TS Lindenmayer from The Caregiver Relief Fund, “Providing home health vouchers for care for caregivers in need,” on October 6th, 10AM Pacific on blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

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The Caregiver Relief Fund (CRF) is a non-for-profit organization that provides resources, assistance and a voice to over 50 million Americans who are currently caregivers to the chronically ill, aged and disabled. We address two major problems for caregivers: limited time and chronic exhaustion. The CRF provides vouchers for “respite” at-home care, which are donated or purchased on behalf of the CRF from professional at-home care service companies. These vouchers give caregivers time to address their personal needs and grants them the resources needed to invest in their own well being. We created the CRF to respect caregivers, build strong families and ultimately help America face one of its single largest challenges: the aging of America and its impact on caregivers.

How Does The Caregiver Relief Fund Work? The Caregiver Relief Fund begins with leading at-home care companies. We work directly with the individual franchises to secure donated vouchers for “respite” at-home care. In cases where donations are not possible, the CRF may negotiate to buy vouchers to help those caregivers in need. After securing the hours, we will select and match the available relief funds. In order to receive a voucher, caregivers begin by filling out an application form and sharing their caregiving story. Voucher recipients are non-paid caregivers with an annual income of $80,000 or less who have been in a caregiving role for a chronically ill individual, elder or disabled person for 12 months or longer.

Website: www.caregiverrelieffund.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Caregiver-Relief-Fund/225706396963?ref=ts
Twitter: Carerelieffund

Michael Lindenmayer: Michael is the founder of the Caregiver Relief Fund. Michael has a long history of building social ventures. He was an early adopter of the award winning leading micro-credit institution, the Grameen Bank (www.grameen-info.org) and of the leading literacy organization, Room to Read (www.roomtoread.org). He is a founding member in the Rio Leadership Institute (www.ilrio.com.br) and of the South Leadership Institute (www.southleadership.com). Michael is a member of the brain trust of World Blu (www.worldblu.com), the thought leader on democratically run organizations. Michael commenced his career in investment banking. He worked at Morgan Stanley in their New York and London offices. He did post-graduate research for James P Womack during his tenure at MIT. He is a frequent speaker on caregiving issues, frequent radio guest and committed champion of caregivers. He graduated cum laude from Kalamazoo College. Michael is a partner in a consulting firm and speaks 5 languages.

Ryan Whitmore: Ryan is the Editor-in-Chief of the Elder Brief (www.elderbrief.com), a publication dedicated to educate and inform elders and caregivers of the products and services available to assist them in their journeys. Prior to his role at Elder Brief, Ryan was a financial analyst based in Chicago. Ryan has served as the co-head of the Chicago Chapter of Room to Read and is an advocate and volunteer for Ladder Up, a Chicago-based non for profit which assists low income families gain access to education funding.
Ryan and his wife live in Chicago. He speaks English and Portuguese.