I will be interviewing author, Karen Reinhart, on May 9th, 9AM PST

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I will be interviewing author Karen Reinhart about her book on becoming an instant caregiver on May 9th, 9AM PST on blogtalkradio.com
I love Karen’s new book which is a must read if you just became a caregiver or realize you will be a caregiver soon. Or if you find yourself in the hospital over and over again, caring for your aging parents.

For more information about Karen: http://fabulously40.com/post/id/knitting-with-hospital-gloves-the-how-to-guide-for-becoming-instant-caregivers-10620

Her book, Knitting with Hospital Gloves: The How-To Guide for Becoming Instant Caregivers is available as an ebook and paperback.

1. You WILL get that call that instantly converts you into a Caregiver. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. As Matthew Harrison, M.D. said, “If you have parents, are a parent, or plant to be one someday, get this book. Karen is funny and has a quirky perspective that makes her stories very readable and personal. This book will help folks on both sides of the caregiver/parent relationship and is one I’ll recommend to my patients and their families.”

2. There is much you can do now to prepare yourself to take on the role–as much as one can be prepare as emotions take over when the reality hits–but having this guide book and resources ahead of time will help during the transition into caregiver and during the initial crisis. For example–preparing for what life is like at a hospital and the handy packing lists. “It only I had this book before my mom had a stroke. My family and I would’ve avoided so much stress, discomfort and fear.” `Melanie Chitwood, Author, Instant Caregiver

From Karen: It really is a privilege and a calling for me to help others through this sudden, scary, stressful, exhausting and tumultuous process–this is a culmination of what I’ve learn over the past 7 years of being an Instant Caregiver, assisting others first hand in their Instant Caregiver roles (intervening / mediating at the hospital, online communication and support, etc) and also talking to others who’ve been there done that.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Linda Leon will be interviewing Viki on April 7 – 9:30 a.m. PDT – Book That Author on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/book-that-author

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April 7 – 9:30 a.m. PDT – Book That Author on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/book-that-author

Media and print producer Linda Leon who hosts Book That Author – a talk show devoted to authors, editors and other book professionals in the writing industry to display their talent, skill, insider information and love for the craft. Linda’s background is in commercial broadcast television. During her 12 years in the industry she hosted and produced several programs which have aired nationally and internationally. She also spent 7 years producing radio broadcasts for an international market. Linda currently owns a video production and author services business. Where she guides independent authors on publishing, publicity and distribution. She also works with them to create infomercials, commercials and trailers to promote their books. She is the author of several books and will be launching her new book Publishing and PR Business For Smart People in 2011. Linda is always busy with her writers group at bookprofessionals.ning.com

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Join Marion Smith on KFOK – Aging Successfully radio show for a special Valentine show with Viki Kind. 9AM PST

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Radio Interview with Marion Smith, KFOK- Aging Successfully radio show. They stream our live broadcast onto the internet 24 hours a day. KFOK features nearly 70 hours of live broadcasting per week, brought to you by dozens of broadcasters, plus computer-automated music for your late-night and early-morning listening pleasure.To listen online go to www.kfok.org and click on the green play button. Most listeners will need to go through a configuration process to get the station to play and most XP computers will give you instructions in pop-up windows on how to proceed with the installation of the Live365 internet radio player. If you have trouble go directly to www.live365.com for help in setting up your system to listen to our broadcast.

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Interview with Maria Tadd – Live Better, Live Longer – High Tech Devices for Fall Prevention and Detection on Feb. 25, 9AM PST, blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

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Join me as I interview, Maria Tadd, fall prevention expert and author of “Happiness is Growing Old at Home”

Maria Tadd is a freelance medical writer and author. Her writing covers a broad spectrum including promotional materials for the pharmaceutical industry and the professional medical community, articles on spirituality and holistic health, haiku poems, and her book on elder care, Happiness Is Growing Old at Home, which has been endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Larry Dossey and Dr. C. Norman Shealy. She has also written book chapters for Life Extension a manufacturer of nutraceuticals highlighting the use of supplements to prevent and treat diseases. As the co-founder and editor of Innerchange magazine, she conducted interviews and wrote book reviews. A graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture and a life-long student of holistic health, homeopathy, meditation and nutrition, she has a unique understanding of how to merge Eastern and Western perspectives. Maria’s knowledge of medications, herbs and supplements helped keep her mother healthy for decades until her death at age 95.
Since the publication of her book, she has been a guest on Fox 50 TV and various radio shows. She also has given talks and has presented webinars. To learn more about healthy aging please visit her web site, www.agingathome.info.

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Join me as I interview, Barbara McVicker – “Helping Employees who are Caregiving,” on Feb. 16 at 9AM PST on blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

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Barbara McVicker, eldercare expert, national speaker, and author, knows firsthand the benefits and challenges of being a caregiver. Widely sought after, Barbara’s commentary is frequently featured by local and national media organizations including AARP, CNN, NPR, NBC, the “Wall Street Journal” and “USA Today”.

For 10 years Barbara looked after her aging parents while raising two children and struggling to maintain her career as a high-level development director. She mirrored the typical caregiver in the United States – mid-forties, married and employed. Overwhelmed and feeling isolated, she eventually quit her job to care for her parents full-time. It was this decade-long struggle that inspired her to write her first book, “Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories and Tips for Caregiving Your Elderly Parents”.

About the Book

McVicker’s book “Stuck in THe Middle: Shared Stories and Tips Caregiving Your Elderly Parents” delivers inspiring narratives from caregivers and health care professionals that brings humor, tears and ultimately, hope. Winner of a Midwest Book Award from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association, professionals often refer caregivers to Stuck in the Middle as a primer. Based on her personal experiences, McVicker interviewed hundreds of caregivers producing a guide filled with essential information. Her work serves as a “support group in a book”, so adult children caregivers do not feel so alone and isolated Barbara McVicker wrote Stuck in the Middle for the more than 75 million people in the United States who are providing care for an aging parent.

For more information on Barbara McVicker, speaking engagements, and Stuck in the Middle, visit BarbaraMcVicker.com or email her at Barbara@BarbaraMcVicker.com. Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital

Have a kind and respectful day.

The Center for Memory Disorders in Orlando, Florida, is hosting a workshop by Viki Kind on January 26, 2011, from 2 PM to 4 PM.

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The Center for Memory Disorders in Orlando, Florida, is hosting a workshop by Viki Kind on January 26, 2011, from 2 PM to 4 PM. This program is presented by the Alzheimer’s Association, Central and North Florida Chapter, The Center for Memory Disorders and Visiting Angels.

Please RSVP to 1-800-272-3900 or 407-951-7992
Free Respite Care is available, CEU’s available for nurses.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you are making the right decisions and doing right by the person in your care? “Empowering Caregivers to Make the Difficult Decisions” is a free two hour workshop led by Viki at The Center for Memory Disorders in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday, January 26, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 p.m.

The mission of the Center for Memory Disorders is to provide a non-profit, integrated approach to the diagnosis, treatment and support of patients with memory disorders, through the use of professional services, cutting-edge therapies and caregiver respite.

The Center recognizes that chronic, pervasive illness is not only a problem for patients and families, but a concern for the entire community. The Center’s vision is for a community outreach program which will educate, treat and thereby positively impact the overall quality of life of persons suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The Center’s goals are to provide medical diagnostics, treatments and ancillary services, in conjunction with family education and interventions, the totality of which will result in correct diagnosis and treatment at an earlier stage in the disease process.

Dale Carter – Speaking / Book Tour to Benefit You & Your Aging Parent in Georgia and Florida

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Dale Carter – Speaking / Book Tour to Benefit You & Your Aging Parent in Georgia and Florida

Thank you to Benton House and Arden Courts senior living communities for hosting Dale Carter’s presentations and book signings in Atlanta and Florida, January 25th through February 3rd.

If you are in the following areas and have an aging parent, I encourage you to attend! Dale will be highlighting key parts of her book, “Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change.”

Learn how to:
• Make the right decision in time of crisis
• Balance the needs of your parent and yourself
• Build your support network

You’ll walk away with strategies, tips and resources that are relevant to your situation and your family.
The seminars are free of charge. However, tickets are required due to the expected demand. To secure your tickets contact the community of interest below.

• Tuesday, January 25th, 6 p.m. Benton House-Sugar Hill 770-904-0099
• Wednesday, January 26th, 6 p.m. Benton House-Johns Creek (at Ocee Library) 770-754-5446
• Thursday, January 27th, 6 p.m. Benton House-Douglasville 770-942-9449
• Tuesday, February 1st, 10:30am. Arden Courts, Largo 727-559-8411 (or email largo@arden-courts.com)
• Wednesday, February 2nd, 6 p.m. Benton Village-Palm Coast 386-445-3500
• Thursday, February 3rd, 6 p.m. Benton House-Titusville 321-383-2112

Have a kind and respectful day.

Improving the Medical Experience of the Person struggling with Alzheimer’s or other memory loss

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When a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is going to have a medical test or procedure, how can we help the person to feel less frightened and to minimize any suffering? If the patient is struggling to understand what will be happening to them, do a practice run-through and show the person the room where the test will happen. Or find a book with pictures that will help him understand what you are talking about. If the person with diminished capacity is afraid of being alone, you may want to introduce him to the nurses who will be working that day. For my dad, we tape-recorded the doctor’s explanations so he could listen to the information over and over again until he felt more comfortable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the patient may be experiencing symptoms that affect his or her participation. These symptoms could be pain, side effects of medications, loss of hearing or sight, lack of sleep, an undiagnosed illness and grief, to name a few. Find out what can be done to relieve these symptoms to make it easier for the individual to participate in the process. Ultimately, our goal is to think about the quality-of-life questions from the person’s perspective as he or she will experience the consequences of our decisions.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Viki interviews Anne Bland, author of Breathe on September 18th, 9AM Pacific on blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

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Viki interviews Denise Baird Schwartz, MS, RD, FADA, CNSD, Health Care Professional from Los Angeles, California and author of Breathe on September 18, 9AM Pacific on blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

Join me as I interview Denise Baird Schwartz as she discusses her new book Breathe – A True Story of Letting Go of My Parents Gracefully, For I Will See Them Again. Breathe was written and published in the first few months after her mom passed during an unexpected hospitalization. It was written during that raw period, when the most important aspects of your life become clearer. The book is a fast read, but it holds a powerful story that can change your life. It will make you laugh, cry and smile. Breathe is a journey of learning to let go.

Bland is a healthcare professional with over 35 years experience in the hospital setting with a focus on taking care of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit. She wants to help others better understand end of life decisions in the hospital. This understanding comes through open communication prior to an illness between family members and their healthcare providers. Breathe views this period as a part of life that is not a time to deny or dread, but one that can be used to reflect on how you live your life.

The nurturing process is so evident in Breathe. The women in Bland’s life, from her great-grandmother forward, have shaped her life, who she is, how she views life, her faith, and has provided her with an inner peace. Breathe will enhance your journey in life, provide you with clarity for end of life decisions related to advance care planning, and allow you the opportunity to help others. Breathe is about honoring lives well-lived and how these lives have shaped the next generation with a focus on family values, caring for others, and giving back.

Breathe opens the door for a meaningful dialogue between patients, their families, and healthcare providers. The book is about living, loving, and letting go gracefully when the time comes.

The royalty from the sale of the book goes directly for relief and development to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Website: www.breathe-annebland.com
Order online at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.xlibris.com
Available in hardback, paperback or eBook
Denise Baird Schwartz, MS, RD, FADA, CNSD, Health Care Professional from Los Angeles, California

YouTube videos enhance the emotion found in Breathe. To access the 2 minute videos Google YouTube.com, put in Breathe Anne Bland.

The 2 videos are “Living, Loving, and Letting Go Gracefully” and “Letting Go”.

Have a kind and respectful day.

Viki interviews Lori La Bey from http://www.seniorlifestyletrends.com and http://www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com on August 30, 9AM Pacific on blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

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Viki interviews Lori La Bey from http://www.seniorlifestyletrends.com and http://www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com on August 30, 9AM Pacific on blogtalkradio.com/kindethics

Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks and Senior Lifestyle Trends is a driver of Change. She helps families, communities, organizations, and businesses maneuver the turmoil of aging and illness. She has dedicated her life to working with people in transition. Lori has done this by guiding businesses and organizations on how to improve service delivery to enhance relationships with senior consumers and their families. Lori’s mission is to shift society’s negative perception of aging and illness, by getting individuals and businesses to appreciate and embrace the gifts wrapped in every stage of life. She believes by removing the fear, the embarrassment, and the judgment that cripples our relationships; we can enhance our connections with the people we love and care for.

Lori understands Caregiving from the inside out. She lost her Father to brain cancer after a 4 ½ year battle. Her Mother has struggled with Alzheimer’s for 30 years and is now in her end stages of the disease. Today she shares tips and techniques she learned as a Caregiver. Her goal is to help people embrace the person who once was, engage the person before them, and let go; allowing love to flow forward; as the ill and aging surrender to the shell of a body that in prisons them.

Lori owns Alzheimer’s Speaks and Seniors Lifestyle Trends. She was recently featured on FOX News for her cutting edge work with Alzheimer’s disease. Lori is a Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Spokes Person, Author, and now a self proclaimed Advocate on Steroids for Alzheimer’s disease.

Lori is also writing a book on Alzheimer’s disease which will teach people to:
Remove their fear of Alzheimer’s by helping them identify stress triggers so they can reduce combative behaviors and create remarkable moments. The books working title is called: “Alzheimer’s Speaks -Guiding Caregivers to be Their Very Best! Giving Voice and Enriching Lives – As the Cookie Crumbles.”

You can contact Lori La Bey at any of the following:
Resource Website http://www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com
Blog http://www.AlzheimersSpeaksBlog.com
Business Website Http://www.SeniorLifestyleTrends.com
Email Lori@SeniorLifestyleTrends.com
Phone 651-748-4714 or 800-708-8661

Have a kind and respectful day.

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